Bastien Chopard
Scientific and Parallel Computing Group
University of Geneva, Computer Science Department
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What do we do?

At the Scientific and Parallel Computing (SPC) Group we develop new algorithms and methods to better understand and/or predict various phenomena in Biology. We focus on multiscale modelling and computing, high-performance computing, cellular automata, lattice Botzmann methods, multi-agent systems, and optimizing techniques and machine learning. A core activity of our group is the modelling and simulation of complex systems. In bioinformatics, the objective is to develop advanced numerical methodology to model biological processes.

Highlights 2016

In 2016, our team took part in an H2020 CompBioMed project, namely: "A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine". In a collaboration with Dagmar Iber, a Sinergia project "A 3D Cell-Based Simulation Framework for Morphogenetic Problems" was also accepted, and will run for a period of four years.

Main publications 2016

  • Orestis Malaspinas, Alexis Turjman, Daniel Ribeiro de Souza, Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, Martine Raes, Phuc-Thien Thomas Nguyen, Yue Zhang, Guy Courbebaisse, Christophe Lelubre, Karim Zouaoui Boudjeltia and Bastien Chopard. A spatio-temporal model for
    spontaneous thrombus formation in cerebral aneurysms. J. of Theoretical Biology, vol 394, p 68-76, 2016.
  • Xavier Meyer, B. Chopard, N. Salamin. Accelerating Bayesian Inference for Evolutionary Biology Models. Bioinformatics 1-8, 2016
  • Aziza Merzouki, Orestis Malaspinas and Bastien Chopard. The properties of a cell-based numerical model of epithelium under stretching constraints. Soft Matter 12, 4745-4754, 2016. DOI: 10.1039/c6sm00106h

Our research topics: