The BoD takes all the decisions necessary to achieve the aims of the Institute, such as defining the scientific strategy and internal procedures, and allocates federal funds to service and infrastructure activities. The BoD consists of two Group Leaders elected jointly by the Council of Group Leaders and the BoD, two external members elected by the Foundation Council on the recommendation of the BoD, and the Executive Director. Members of the BoD are appointed for a renewable five-year period.

  • Prof. Manuel Peitsch (Chairman), Chief Scientific Officer Research at Philip Morris International;
  • Ms Martine Brunschwig Graf, Former National Councillor;
  • Prof. Ron Appel, SIB Executive Director, Professor at the University of Geneva;
  • Prof. Christian von Mering, Group Leader, SIB and University of Zurich;
  • Prof. Torsten Schwede, Group Leader, SIB and University of Basel.