The Science & Music project Opus 23 steps forward with a CD recording

Sponsored by the Cogito Foundation and SIB, the resulting work, Opus 23 - Music for a Gene, was premiered in Geneva in June 2014 by the Ramsès Quartet. Several other performances were organized in Geneva and Bern. Each of these performances included a scientific presentation by the CALIPHO Group leaders Amos Bairoch and Lydie Lane, especially adapted to the audience (students, general public, researchers, medical doctors...). In September 2015, the Ramsès Quartet was able to record the work onto a CD. Produced by SIB and partly supported by a crowdfunding campaign and a collaboration with the Haute école de musique de Genève (HEM), the CD is now available!

To promote better understanding of life sciences as well as exchanges between the community and scientific experts, SIB regularly organizes Science & Music events around the Opus 23 project.

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