Latest Protein Spotlight: Seeing through the murk

We need light to see. There are times, though, when things are so gloomy it is difficult for light to shine through. So, to beat the darkness, either we create our own light or adapt to the lack of it. In Nature, the natural habitat of many vertebrates is water - sea water or fresh water.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Between you and me

Communication has a purpose and is usually selfish. Humans have raised it to the level of entertainment in the form of books, exhibitions, politics and plays, and to while away time over smoked salmon and a glass of wine. More often than not, however, organisms communicate for survival reasons - flowers let off scent to attract pollinisers, birds whistle to seduce partners, wolves howl to gather for a hunt, ants sting to ward off predators.

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SIB’s first hackathon: an augmented reality game to kill pain

‘Build a 3D virtual/augmented reality app to help understand life science.’ With this goal in mind, the sixteen participants in SIB’s first bioinformatics hackathon put their heads together to ‘gamify’ science on 13-14 May 2017 at the Campus Biotech in Geneva.

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Open Geneva Hackathons: Bioinformaticians@SIB meet people

How can computer programming help solve life science problems? Whether you are a budding young scientist, an experienced programmer or structural biologist, join us to find out at SIB’s first public bioinformatics hackathon, at the Campus Biotech in Geneva on 13 and 14 May.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Sweet Poison

Where there is a will, there is a way. We have all faced situations that seem hopeless yet, given time and determination, we end up finding a solution. Nature tackles apparent dead ends by using the forces that drive evolution. In this way, features that could appear to be disabling - when considering predation, reproduction or self-defence for instance - are lifted by using well-chosen tactics.

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The new SIB Profile is out

The last year has been full of developments for SIB, from biocuration, with SIB hosting the 9th International Biocuration Conference, to several projects in personalized health and many more scientific advances...

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‘Bioinformatics for all’ in May: many happy faces

Over 650 people, including school classes, took part in our outreach activities around bioinformatics on the occasion of the University of Lausanne Open House (Mystères de l’UNIL) and the Night of the Museums in Geneva, on 18-21 May. The two events were a great success with new visitors and many others who return to the SIB booth year after year.

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How to color a lizard: from biology to mathematics

From the clown fish to leopards, skin colour patterns in animals arise from microscopic interactions among coloured cells that obey equations discovered by the mathematician Alan Turing. Today, researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, and SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics report in the journal Nature that a southwestern European lizard slowly acquires its intricate adult skin colour by changing the colour of individual skin scales using an esoteric computational system invented in 1948 by another mathematician: John von Neumann.

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SIB Group Leader Prof. Xenarios is among the 100 distinguished personalities in Western Switzerland

Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Journalists, Artists... Each year, the Forum des 100 lists and brings together 100 personalities who contribute to the dynamism and spirit of innovation of Western Switzerland.
Prof. Ioannis Xenarios is among the laureates of the 13th edition being held today at the University of Lausanne...

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Video – Building the national research infrastructure

SIB was mandated to play a pivotal role in the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN), a national initiative launched in January 2017.
Torsten Schwede, Head of SIB’s Personalized Health Informatics group, presents some of the challenges and the expertise needed to bring Switzerland at the forefront of personalized health.

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This spring, pick your date for a scientific family outing

Science images exhibition, café scientifique, night of the museums, open house at the University of Lausanne, hackathon...

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Oncobench: one day gained to fight cancer

When it comes to fighting cancer, obtaining a diagnosis a day earlier, as well as saving one full day per week of clinical lab professionals’ precious time, can have important benefits for patients, hospitals and health insurance alike. This and other advances have been made possible by a tool developed by SIB and the Clinical Pathology Service of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), according to a recent satisfaction survey.

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Dr Alan Bridge appointed as co-director of SIB’s Swiss-Prot group

Dr Alan Bridge has been appointed as the new co-director of the Swiss-Prot group of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, with effect from 1 November 2017. He succeeds Dr Lydie Bougueleret, who has announced her retirement after 12 years in the post.

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Video – RHAPSODY, a project to fight diabetes

Last September, we were announcing SIB’s participation in a European public-private partnership on Risk Assessment and Progression of Diabetes (RHAPSODY).
Watch this short video to learn more about SIB’s role in the project.

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