Latest Protein Spotlight: Out of the ordinary

Life depends on chemical signals. Without them our heart wouldn't know how to beat or our thoughts how to form, our eyes would be unable to see, our legs unable to walk and our mouths would be incapable of speech.

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Today in the national news, Marie-Claude Blatter (Responsible - SIB Outreach activities) and Vincent Zoete (Associate director - Molecular Modelling group) presented SIB's role in drug design and bioinformatics outreach on the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS1). Watch the 8’13’’ broadcast here (in FR)!

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Latest Protein Spotlight: The contours of heredity

Life has its shapes, and depends on all kinds of architecture. It needs a skeleton on which to hang. Blood vessels in which to flow. A brain to house its thoughts. A heart to give it a beat. On a far smaller scale, it needs cells to accommodate all the various components without which there would be no life in the first place. One of the most important being: DNA.

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