Latest Protein Spotlight issue: Discerning change

Outside, clouds glide across the horizon. A man on the street below seems in a hurry. Two cars and a lorry drive past him. And a sparrow lands on the windowsill. As you get up to see it closer, a pencil rolls off the end of the table and falls to the floor. None of this may seem particularly eventful to you but it does take a very intricate network of cells to process the surrounding information so that you can see it all happening.

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A history of Swiss-Prot


In the late 70s, DNA and protein sequences started being produced quite easily and with them came the need for storage and analysis tools.

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Swiss-Prot celebrates its 30 years

On the occasion of the Biocuration Conference 2016 in Geneva, the Swiss-Prot protein database will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Geneva is the town of origin of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the cradle of the most important protein encyclopedia in the world.

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SIB Group leaders receive Best Paper Award at Bioinformatics Conference in San Francisco

Philipp Bucher and Bernard Moret – both Group leaders at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and at the EPFL – as well as members of their team received the Best Paper Award for "A Maximum-likelihood approach for building cell-type trees by lifting" at the fourteenth Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference in San Francisco.

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