Tracking the “social networks” of genes disrupted in complex diseases - EN|FR

Your personal risk of developing complex diseases such as diabetes, depression or cancer is influenced in part by genetic variants, that is, letters in your DNA sequence that differ between people. These variants disrupt networks of interacting genes in different tissues of your body, two studies published in Nature Methods and PLoS Computational Biology found.

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Ärzte der Zukunft – das HUG als Vorreiter / Les médecins du futur – les HUG pionniers [DE|FR]

Das Universitätsspital Genf (HUG) hat mit dem SIB Schweizerischen Institut für Bioinformatik eine Vereinbahrung abgeschlossen, die es ihm erlaubt, auf dem Gebiet der personalisierten Medizin eine Vorreiterrolle einzunehmen.

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The Challenges of Swiss-Prot: An interview with Ioannis Xenarios

With the current exponential growth of biomedical data, there is a crucial need to organize and check them, as well as make them accessible to both humans and computers. This activity is called biocuration. Online biocurated databases play a central role in the whole process. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Swiss-Prot, the curated section of the UniProt Knowledgebase Ioannis Xenarios, Head of the Swiss-Prot group at SIB, has been asked about the current and future challenges for the knowledgebase and for his group.

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Today: Role and place of the Swiss-Prot database and the SIB Swiss-Prot group

A gold standard for protein knowledge

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot is an expertly curated and very low-redundant protein knowledgebase originally created in 1986 under the name of Swiss-Prot, and now part of the UniProt Knowledgebase which was established in 2002.

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