Latest Protein Spotlight: On releasing tension

Like life, cells are subject to continuous change. Nothing in the vicinity of a cell remains still - unless death has interrupted its course. And the same goes for the inside of each cell. All sorts of molecules are being shuttled from one part to another, after having been created or on their way to being degraded.

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Christophe Dessimoz – Orthology: you can’t improve what you can’t measure

Standardized benchmarking in the quest for orthologs, Nature Methods, advanced online publication April 2016, doi:10.1038/nmeth.3830

A lot of effort is put into designing methods to find genes – known as orthologs – that are directly related in different species. Unearthing orthologs is essential for many comparative, evolutionary and functional genomic analyses, and the higher the accuracy the better the analyses.

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Hairs, feathers and scales have a lot in common !

The potential evolutionary link between hairs in mammals, feathers in birds and scales in reptiles has been debated for decades. Today, researchers of the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland, demonstrate that all these skin appendages are homologous: they share a common ancestry.

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Latest Protein Spotlight issue: A tighter mesh

A fabric whose weave is slack is less resistant to strain than one whose knit is close. These physical principles of toughness are followed by Nature all the way down the molecular scale. At the cellular level, protrusions known as microvilli grow at the apical end of the epithelial cells that line the intestinal tract.

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Winner of the SIB Best Lightning Talk Award

Congratulations to Lorenzo Gatti, from the Applied Computational Genomics Team in Zurich, who won the SIB Best Lightning Talk Award in recognition of his outstanding presentation entitled «As a stone thrown in a still pond: Describing human influenza dynamics and global circulation patterns after 2009 A/pH1N1 pandemic explosion»

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The Metagenomic Pizza: a simple recipe to introduce bioinformatics to the layman

A description of one of SIB's most popular workshops - The Metagenomic Pizza - to present the world of bioinformatics to the layman and students has just been published in EMBnet.journal.

Winners of the SIB Best Poster Award

Congratulations to the Proteome Informatics Group (represented by Julien Mariethoz - left) and the SIB Technology Group (represented by Vassilios Ioannidis - right) who won the Best Poster Award ex aequo at our SIB Days last week!

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Genetic test allows reducing the use of chemotherapy in early-stage breast cancer patients

Genomic risk profiling lies at the heart of personalized management of cancer. The MINDACT study showed that nearly 50% of patients with early-stage breast cancer, who were considered at high risk for disease recurrence based on standard clinical and biological criteria, had no clinically relevant chemotherapy benefit.

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SIB’s virtual computational biology seminars now available online and open to everyone

The Computational Biology seminars organized by SIB on the campus of the University of Lausanne are now available online and open to everyone. These seminars represent a great opportunity for life scientists and clinicians to learn more about SIB’s research, expertise and resources.

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Geneva brings together international experts in biocuration, a fast-growing field that plays a key role in biomedical research

The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics has been selected by the International Society for Biocuration to host the 9th International Biocuration Conference in Geneva at the Campus Biotech on 10-14 April.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: The shape of harm

Sometimes we are forced to see things differently. But it is never easy because we are creatures of habit and, like it or not, shackled by what we were first led to believe.

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The “Uniprot” generation of SIB biocurators: some views

The “UniProt” generation

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the gold-standard knowledgebase is a time to honour the first generation of Swiss-Prot curators who were part of the creation of the resource, but also to listen to those who joined the ship ten years ago: the “UniProt” generation.

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The latest SIB Profile 2016 / Annual Report 2015 is out

SIB’s scope of activities continues to grow in all fields of bioinformatics – from proteomics and genomics, to metabolomics and the crucial domain of personalized health. Find out all our 2015 highlights in our latest annual report.

Dramatically dynamic genomic evolution of a mighty mite

Sequencing and comparative analysis of the genome of the Western Orchard predatory mite has revealed intriguingly-extreme genomic evolutionary dynamics through an international research effort co-led by scientists from the University of Geneva and the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

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