Launch of a new cancer diagnostic platform: Oncobench®

This new genomic analysis platform is an exemplary outcome of the tight collaboration between a hospital (University Hospitals of Geneva, HUG) and bioinformatics experts (SIB), in order to develop cutting-edge clinical tools in the era of personalized medicine.

Developed hand-in-hand by the clinical pathology department of the HUG and SIB's Clinical Bioinformatics and Vital-IT groups, Oncobench® allows for a faster diagnosis of cancer. It decreases the overall time necessary to complete the analyses - from the tumoural sample to the clinical report delivered to the patient - from five to four days.
Importantly, as the platform is embedded on-premises, patients' data never leave the hospital, thereby ensuring the privacy of their data.
By setting high data-quality standards, Oncobench® is a first step towards a nationwide implementation of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN), in which SIB plays a pivotal role. The technology is intended to be shared with other hospitals in the near future.

Read the full press release (in French) here.

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