SNSF postdoctoral position in computational evolutionary biology

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University of Lausanne (UNIL)



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Job description

The incredible diversity of insects makes them fascinating to study, with important applications in the characterisation of animal biology, the control of disease vectors and pests, and the conservation of threatened insects.
Falling sequencing costs are improving genomic species sampling and enriching sources of functional data, challenging researchers to find innovative approaches to best exploit these data to bring new levels of depth and detail to our understanding of biology.
Overcoming these challenges requires substantial methodological advances in data integration and interrogation, supported by robust computational infrastructures.
With an initial focus on disease-vector mosquitoes, this SNSF-funded research project aims to exploit genomic evolutionary signatures to enhance the understanding of putative functions of thousands of currently uncharacterised genes from hundreds of organisms.

The successful candidate will be based at the Department of Ecology and Evolution of the University of Lausanne, under the supervision of Prof. Robert Waterhouse.
S/he will work very closely with a PhD student and will be responsible for implementing the core research project goals, particularly with respect to the development of computational infrastructures to ensure that predictive model building is dynamic, extensible, and responsive to the fast-accumulating genomics data, as well as helping to design and build collaborative analysis and visualisation tools. Skills in handling large datasets, statistical modelling, automated collating of different data types from disparate resources, knowledge of database design and management for efficient data integration and quality control, are therefore desirable.
The successful candidate will also have the opportunity to gain teaching and mentoring experience through contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching programmes and the supervision of student projects.
A minimum of 50% of the working time will be devoted to personal research work and a maximum of 50% of the working time will be devoted to institutional tasks.
The University of Lausanne offers a world-class international research environment with state-of-the-art facilities.

Profile requirements


  • Doctorate degree in computer science (with life sciences experience) or bioinformatics / computational biology
  • Demonstrable programming skills and experience (e.g. Python, Perl, C/C++, R), including web technologies (e.g. Javascript, HTML, CSS)
  • Confidence in large-scale statistical analyses
  • Scientific research experience in genomics
  • Strong teamwork and interdisciplinary skills
  • Excellent spoken and written English proficiency


  • Interest in evolutionary genomics of arthropods
  • Knowledge of arthropod biology

Position contact information

Name: Robert Waterhouse

Le Biophore UNIL-Sorge
Lausanne, Vaud 1015

Phone: +41786098048